MC Driveway Company doesn't just offer driveway and landscaping services, we also provide the complete package. If you've previously had a new driveway, patio or landscaping service with us then improving your fencing may be the best option to complete the look.
You don’t have to buy a driveway from us to have your fence installed.

For years we have specialised in the supply and erecting of quality wooden fencing and fence gates. We work with both standard off the shelf fencing panels as well as bespoke designs.

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Traditional wooden fencing is a classic addition to any garden or outdoor space project. They provide privacy if you have a garden which is overlooked and an added level of security as they are high enough to act as a deterrent. There are many styles of traditional fencing panels available. We have many types of fencing panels to choose from with a wide range of styles to suit your budget.

Whether you prefer heavy duty Waney lap or Tanalised Feather Edge, we can advise the best fencing for your property. All our fencing is made from the best quality timber in a wide range of styles.

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